Hammer of Phaestus

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The Hammer of Phaestus is the chosen tool of Phaestus, the Smith.

Prior to what eventually became known as the Aetolian Saga, the Hammer housed the essence of its Master, Phaestus, Who had been forcibly sealed within it around 213 AF by Varian, in the Other's attempt to mask His own presence in Creation. In 285 AF, the Hammer fell from the heavens in a great spectacle of light, and a contest of sorts commenced between various factions, each one desiring to find the relic first. Fern Le'Yuet, the Sentinel adventurer who picked up the Hammer after discovering its impact site, was visited by prophetic visions of a grand convocation of magi, giant stone monoliths, and a unicorn in the forest. The Magi of Shallam and the Sorcerers of Hashan jointly attempted to fulfil the revelation by channeling the power of the elemental planes onto the unicorn, but their first try failed due to disorganisation. After their second attempt was disrupted by the theft of the Hammer by an Occultist, they led an attack on the culprit in Ashtan and recovered it, though the completed ritual that followed was again fruitless. In the midst of their third attempt, their efforts were again interrupted by the theft of the Hammer by an Ashtani, this time an Infernal. To avoid conflict, the Magi and Sorcerers conceded to demands that the Warlocks also be allowed to participate in the matter. With the Hammer firmly in place and all three magi Guilds in attendance, the ritual was performed once more; the combined power of the magi from all three Guilds, concerted with that of Agatheis through the unicorn's horn, was finally enough to release Phaestus from the Hammer's confines.

As a member of the Divine Alliance, Phaestus would later use His Hammer to sheer a mountain from the Vashnars, the one that was to become the island of Mhaldor after Sartan had been imprisoned underneath it.