Garden of Whispers

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The Garden of Whispers is a legend originating from an actual garden of the same name in Tasur'ke village.

As the story goes, a talented sculptor by the name of Darius appealed to the Logos to aid him in the pursuit of his lady love, Niliana. The Logos agreed under the condition that he build a monument to the Gods, and Darius set about fulfilling this request.

Such skill did Darius have that he created the Garden so beautifully it pleased Sarapis greatly, and He made it so that Niliana would indeed fall in love with Darius. They were wed and lived happily for a time, but the girl slowly began to grow obsessed with her husband's creations. She began to believe that these replicas were far more beautiful than the actual Gods Themselves, and this angered some of Them.

As a result, They whispered to her, telling her one thing and then another, purposely contradicting Themselves and each Other until finally the girl was driven mad and threw herself from the cliff. Upon hearing the news of his wife's suicide, Darius concluded that her fate was a result of him accidentally leaving a statue of Caspian out of the Garden. In penance, he built an altar to the Sea God where Niliana fell and then stepped off the edge to join her.

The pearl encrusted altar stands just east of the Garden of Whispers. Today, people leave prayers to the Sea God written on ribbons attached to tiny boats at the base of the altar. The most common of all are prayers of safety written by wives for their fisherman husbands. As for the Garden of Whispers, it is said that if one stands still and listens to the wind, one can still hear the susurrus of Divine voices that drove Niliana to her death.

In recent times the Arbor Crystallina, or Tree of Crystal, a relic sacred to Ourania has been spotted here.