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Allira, the Tsol'aan crystal refiner, is not a native of the village of Tasur'ke. Nevertheless, she now resides in the crystal caverns there, where Magi may purchase all kinds of crystals from her. She has bespectacled, cat-green eyes, wild titian-coloured curls, and a bad temper.

Allira's Wares

Shimmering crystal diamond - 100gp
Tiny particles of mica locked deep within the crystal's core give this diamond-shaped stone a sparkling iridescent quality.
Opaque crystal disc - 200gp
The wine-coloured crystal of this disc is opaque yet highly reflective. Light dances over its surface but never permeates within the stone.
Milky crystal pentagon - 100gp
This lustreless white crystal has been carefully carved into the shape of a pentagon.
Dark crystal spiral - 150gp
The smoky crystal of this intricate spiral has been carefully faceted to savour the shadows beneath the vitreous surface.
Crystal egg - 100gp
This extremely dense opaque aventurine crystal contains small scales of goethite just below the surface. It shimmers and glistens with the slightest movement.
Crystal cube - 150gp
A crystal of the deepest green, carefully carved into a perfect cube, seems to vibrate softly with otherworldly power.
Sharply angled crystal polyhedron - 150gp
The apple-green chrysoprase of this translucent polyhedron refracts the light in such a way that it seems to capture it deep within the stone.
Perfect crystal sphere - 100gp
Tiny blood-red spots hang suspended within this sphere of bluish-green heliotrope crystal.
Cylindrical crystal - 150gp
Narrow fissures run the length of this crystal cylinder, refracting the light as it passes through its russet coloured core.
Finely sculpted crystal torus - 100gp
Formed from canary-hued citrine, this delicate ring seems almost a halo as it glistens with reflected light.
Pyramid carved of crystal - 150gp
The nearly colourless crystal of this small pyramid is filled with golden-yellow, needle-like rutile inclusions, which dance like flames within its depths.
Slender wand - 3500gp
Depictions of Fire, Water, Earth and Air weave their way intricately from the base of the wand, up the perfectly straight shaft, to the pointed tip, where they emerge in an everchanging hue. From different perspectives, you can make out the distinctive etchings of flames, lightning, wind and floods amidst the inscriptions.