Temple of the Moon

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The Temple of the Moon can only be accessed by the grace of Ourania, Goddess of the Moon. In the past to do this, one must travel through the moongate located on the ocean cliff just outside of Tasur'ke by invoking the name of the Thrice-Holy when the Lady's orb is in the sky, but now that way is unattainable.

The temple itself is an ancient, misty observatory, with a main telescope located at the centre of its crossroads. To the north are a number of artefacts sacred to the Divine Order of the Moon, while to the east, one can admire the Sea from a balcony set into the side of the cliff.

A number of denizens reside in the public portion of the temple. These include Broden, a small mhun boy who spends his time singing about the Lady; Hesperos, the Evening Star, a celestial shepherd; Calyx, the lunar kitten; Umbra, a lunar humgii; shadowy Nox; and Agathodaimon, the Serpent of the Moon. Several split-tailed lunar moths flutter about here, as well. Aah-Djehuti, the Scribe of Ourania, was a human denizen who resided in the western portion of the Temple of the Moon. However, after the reawakening of Ourania around the year 385 AF, he disappeared for reasons unknown.