Vasnari Mountains

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The Vasnari Mountains are a long, jagged string of peaks that bisects the continent of Meropis from north to south. Once part of the mighty Vashnars, a great unknown cataclysm sundered both the continent and its mountains from the land of Sapience. To date, only the northern Vasnari Mountains have been thoroughly explored.

The Vasnaris overlook the Notic Ocean, beginning with their northern terminus on the rocky, jagged shores of Rageteeth Beach. The northern end of the mountains is dominated by the ruddy tip of Mount Azedh, and the volcanic peak attests to the turbulent geological activity of the grey granite landscape. Much further south, the spring known as Sypathean Falls guards the entrance to the dwarven mines of Iskadar. The lower passes continue southward to a massive set of steps known as the Aldar Stairs, and further south of this winds the great jagged span of Dragonspine Ridge. The charted Vasnari lands end at a narrow, winding valley, at the lowermost point of which lies the hidden entrance to the Mirror Caves. Enormously tall peaks, too high to fly over and too steep to climb, prevent southerly progress.

A wide variety of aggressive wildlife manages to survive in the Vasnari Mountains, corrupted by the ancient power of the Tsol'teth. Legends tell of ancient lightning eagles that once graced the Meropian skies, and the mountains are thick with jackdaws, rabid grizzly bears, disfigured rams, and wild gryphons. In the many caves that meander throughout the mountainside roost untold numbers of giant bats.

Mortal presence on the surface of the mountains is limited, given the unforgiving terrain and wildlife. However, a few hardened brigands led by Malsaur have managed to eke out an existence in small encampments and shallow caves. A ruined temple in the northeast Vasnaris stands as a testament to a former monastic presence, now scoured by time and the elements. Beneath the surface of the mountains moulders the presence of the Tsol'teth, such as Tenith'oru, and their charges; goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and their cruel masters all maintain a grip upon the lower depths. Also of note are the fungal Silegs of the Mirror Caves and the dwarves of Iskadar.