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Lodi is one of three fanciful areas for newbies only, the others being Minia and Mount Gheladan. Unveiled to Achaea by Sarapis, the Logos in Mayan, 223AF, Lodi is an area for newbies trying to get to know the lands in (relative) safety.

Lodi is home to many friends and foes for a new adventurer to meet, greet and if desired, slay. There are many small quests that can be done around Lodi for those wishing for a mental challenge.


The valley of Lodi can be located in the southeastern part of the continent of Sapience, just north of ruins of Shallam, Jewel of the East.

Lodi itself is actually comprised of four areas. To the north of the village lies a valley where families of troll farmers have made lives for themseves. The village of Gorshire, inhabited by gnomes, can be found south of the valley. Fergil, the goose rancher who lives just south of the village, is plagued by weasels who kill off his flock.

A lair filled with wildcats is in the far northwestern part of the valley. While exploring newbies may also run across unfortunate sheep who met their demise as wildcat meals. (Worse things have happened to the sheep in the past.) Finally, a network of caves is located in the northeastern section of the area where miners work to extract commodities from the earth amongst a species of annoying cave bats that call the area home.


Newbies within this area are protected by Poraeus, a bronze lesser dragon. He will eject any adventurer from this area who is over level twenty-one, is sufficiently Infamous (regardless of level), or has embraced his or her class. Additionally, Poraeus will deliver young adventurers to Minia and Mount Gheladan, the other areas that exist for newbies only.


There are many nameless folk in the Lodi crowd such as the gnome men, women, children, deputies, and guards, but there are some who have made a name for themselves.

The following denizens can be found in the village of Gorshire, located in the southern area of Lodi.


Everything a newbie would need to survive on their own in Achaea can be found within a series of shops in the village of Gorshire.

  1. A food stall, with all basic, cheap foods.
  2. Arenard's Apothecary, with mana, health, and empty vials.
  3. A clothing stall, with all basic wearable wares.
  4. A general store, with pipes, pocketbelts, packs and tinderboxes.
  5. A bait and tackle shop, for fishing.