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Each of the city-states, except for Eleusis and Targossas, possesses sewers beneath the streets where rats dwell in abundance, often alongside shady sewer thugs. More intrepid adventurers are known to brave the stinking depths to either hunt for rats in hopes of lining their pockets with gold rewards from the cities' ratmen or try their fists, swords, and spells against the thugs there. Aside from the usual thugs and rats, a few sewer systems have unique residents of their own.

Hashan's sewers play host to the infamous Thieves' Guild, headed by the notorious Kriegan, Prince of Thieves. The hall of the Thieves' Guild is guarded closely by Big Bubba Bingham.

The sewers of Cyrene are populated by seven-foot blood leeches, which are known to multiply spontaneously, often at the most inopportune times. Their origin is unknown. These sewers empty into Lake Muurn.

Mhaldor's sewers are quite possibly the most dangerous of any sewer system on Sapience. Adapted from the tunnels dug by Moghedu with the intent to sink Mhaldor during the Moghedu War, these sewers are still populated by scattered groups of Mhun scouts whose orders are to attack on sight. Bertram, the sewer worker, also resides here. Travelling deeper, one encounters a monstrous reptilian creature that has taken up residence, and in the deepest reaches of the sewers, a planar anomaly has left a deadly frost daemon chained to an interplanar stretch of darkness. These sewers are drained through the mouths of stone gargoyles hewn from the mountainside.