Sceptre of Divinity

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The Sceptre of Divinity was a legendary artifact created by Phaestus, Daedalus, and Proteus and bestowed upon the Offspring of Sinope and Callisto long ago. Legend has it that the bearer attains unimaginable rewards and power. In gesture of their filial bond, the Offspring broke the sceptre into seven shards, one for each of themselves, and pledged never to fight or seek dominion over one another with its power.

As the Offspring died or departed Ceylon for parts unknown, so too did knowledge of the fragmented sceptre and its keeping fade, bound to the fate of its keepers. A few of the pieces became lost or were hidden. When Anake was slain his shard was kept by his mate, Lysithea. The promise of great power and riches caused Lorielan to trick Lysithea into giving Her the two pieces of the Sceptre she held. The shard of Elara was confiscated from her when the ormyrr ambushed her on Krenindala, and it was given to their Dala'myrr overlords. After their defeat on Nishnatoba, Lorielan searched for and likewise collected Elara's fragment, adding it to Her growing collection.