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One of the seven Offspring of Callisto and Sinope, Lysithea followed her brother Anake into exile after he murdered their mother. She bore him two children: Rukal and Lakspura.

After Anake's death, Lysithea sought a means to return her brother to life. Taking advantage of the grief-stricken girl, Lorielan promised to help her but instead tricked her into relinquishing her two pieces of the Sceptre of Divinity, leaving Lysithea stranded upon the Crystal Plane. Bound into service to the Lorielan on that distant plane, Lysithea was eventually forgotten, her disappearance a mystery for eons.

It was not until just prior to the War of the Worldreaver that the long-lived woman was seen on the Prime Material Plane again. Presenting herself to the Shallamese Citadel of Light, which pleaded the long missing Lorielan's assistance against the forces of Bal'met, she guided them through a ritual which opened a portal to the Crystal Plane; just in time for the re-crowned Jade Empress to emerge, disband her Divine Order, and formally renounce all ties to the Jewel of the East. Another portal opened and Lysithea departed laughing, returning to the bosom of her mistress.