Rhodestrian Settlement

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Rhodestrian Settlement
Leader Sonterro Rhodestrian
Founder Sonterro Rhodestrian
Discoverer Oceana, Treebeard, Zenui, Spraeth, Aislynn, Askiva, and Antonius

The Rhodestrian Settlement is a small but heavily fortified mercenary camp, located on a hidden plateau deep within the Southern Vashnars. Home to vagabonds, thieves, and murderers alike, the camp thrives under the watchful eye of its founding member, Sonterro Rhodestrian. Rhodestrian discovered the area by chance when searching for shelter after a brutal beating from the guards of El'Jazira, which he has never forgotten.


Hidden deep in a sheltered ravine in the Vashnars, the settlement is well protected. Surrounded by high cliffs as it is, it is said that Rhodestrian discovered the place by accident.


The fortified camp is frequented by people of all manner of race and age, but all have one thing in common: a propensity for the shadier walks of life. Over the years, several families have made their home in the settlement and it has taken on the appearance of a small town.


The culture of the settlement is casual and free-wheeling, but the Rhodestrians are highly suspicious of outsiders. Despite it being full of largely thieves, mercenaries, and their families, it is a very racially-diverse town with Trolls, Humans, Mhun, and even a Vertani rubbing shoulders about the wooden wagons of the high basin.


A rustic tavern, Tickler's Tavern sits upon a low slope in the centre of town. Run by Tickler, it sells cheap beer and crusty fare. It plays host to a handful of regulars, each with their own history and odd tendencies.

Flora and Fauna

Hardy bushes and scrub populate hills about the town while violet and pink buds dot the grasses. The few trees of the Rhodestrian Settlement are coniferous, standing defiantly against the harsh winds of the rocky valley.

Ferocious cougars and wild rabbits can also be found near the settlement while drum fish swim in the waters of an unnamed lake at the centre of town.