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The Isle of Prin
Leader Chieftain Krui
Discoverer Kakon, Amylia, Elowen, Ganelon, Hideyoshi, and Teram

Located off the northeastern coast of Meropis, the Isle of Prin is blanketed by a dark and dangerous jungle that holds countless mysteries beneath its canopy. Upon the western side of the island is a settlement of hardy xoran who are generally welcoming to visitors, particularly those of their own race.


Located north-northeast of the Gulf of Nilakantha, Prin is one of the islands located nearby Meropis.


When xoran survivors were brought to Achaea, Prin is one of the places which they established a settlement. They established a village on the eastern side of the island but it was destroyed under mysterious circumstances. A larger, more secure settlement called Prinanas was later raised on the western end, which is the one which stands today.


The isle is home to many Xorani, who live in the village Prinanas.

Village guardians and various Xorani, young and old, also go about their business in the daily life of the village.

Also of note are the following, who reside in the Temple of Prinanas.

An assortment of priestesses and temple guardians also make their home in the temple.


The Xoran believe Prin lies at the centre of the universe. The architecture and culture of Prinanas centers on preventing a recurrence of the unknown disaster which befell the original settlement. Symbols adorn doorways and major buildings encouraging vigilance against a mysterious unnameable evil.

Flora and Fauna

Thick jungle chokes the isle, aggressive cockatrices and pumas shrouded beneath its dense canopy. If one looks closely, wild pigs can be found wandering amongst multicoloured bumbleberry bushes which dot the deep jungles.