Ivory Tower

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Commissioned by Atlantia, the Arcadian princess, the Ivory Tower was built to both honour the deceased Lord Makarta and gift the Champions of the Ivory Mark with a training ground that could double as their home. Located in the Sangre Plains, upon a high knoll overlooking the ancient battlefield wherein one can find the Halls of Combat, it was constructed in a joint effort with the Jaruvians (as the Ivory Mark's headquarters were first located in their village) and opened to the public on the 14th of Aeguary, 473 AF. The opening was attended by a number of notable denizens, including Mayor Cotridge of Jaru, Pericles of Shallam, Stlerin and Keleyn of the tsol'aa village in Aalen, and three members of the Petran War Council: Strowan Adarsh, Alstrom Yestin, and Cearull Thorrand.


  • Atlantia
  • Faiza, the Flowing Robes Champion
  • Kuralil, the Light-Footed
  • Methats, the Divine Wind
  • Selinde, an Arcadian royal guard
  • Lord Biren, the Ivory Rose Champion

Several Exemplars, Adepts, and wards of the Mark take up residence in the Ivory Tower, as well.