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A golem is a magically animated anthropomorphic being made of inanimate materials. Golems are typically brought to life via spellcraft for a specific purpose, usually guarding an object or place.

Bone golems

The aggressive bone golems of Harae are composed of osseous material scavenged from animals or the humanoid victims of their maker and animated with a deadly shamanistic power.

Book golem

A librarian's nightmare, a golem magically formed from the assorted circulation once assailed the Lucretian Athenaeum of New Thera.

Crystalline golems

Formed of crystalline substrate, these glassy constructs are created by Magi with the skills of Artificing. They wield a variety of abilities depending on the skill of their master.

Earth golems

Earth golems are loyal and protective forestal minions built from rock and soil by druids with the Groves guardian ability.

Ice golems

Ice golems search the tundra region with frosty gazes and attack travellers intruding upon the studies of their master Maklak.

Penumbran fiends

Penumbran fiends are a type of flesh golem, really, constructs of scavenged parts and broken glass held together with shadowy ritual magic. Troll-sized with glowing red eyes, they are motionless sentinels of the Valho Coast.

Rust golems

Creaking rust golems inhabit the decayed living halls of Tenwat Prison. Whether they are steel automons tarnished by age or were created from oxidised scrap to begin with is up for debate, though they will attack anyone they see lingering about the icy cells, identifying them as possible prisoners trying to escape their cursed incarceration.

Sandstone golems

Stony tomb guardians defending the sanctums of their pariah masters, they are brought into being with mastery of Charnel.

Steel golems

Grollum, the sentinel is murderous steel golem which guards the prison cells of Belladona's Keep. Ever on watch for escapees or intruders, Grollum sets on anyone who it encounters on its patrols.