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Leader Maihiri, Chieftain of the Haraekanewa
Religion the god in the volcano
Discoverer Khelek Drakor

The village and isle of Harae is located not too far from the island off the Northern Vashnars. The village itself is situated at the bottom of a volcano, and is home to the Haraekanewa.

The island was discovered when the Leviathan was freed to rampage, causing damage in the cliffs along the western coastline the main continent and opening a way into the island.


The volcano on the island plays a central role in the villagers' religion and lives.


Flora and Fauna

Though a small portion of the island is wooded and supports the growth of elm, myrrh, ginseng, ginger, lobelia, and echinacea, the volcanic slopes are devoid of plantlife.

Creatures on the island include the aggressive, muddy poharaehe and a swarm of poisonous wasps, while inside the volcano roam five bone golems.