Valho Coast

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Valho Coast
Leader High Priest Henof
Master Mascon
Discoverer Asara, Mulinum, Skye, Lisbethae, Tynil


The Valho Coast is located in the farthest northeast reach of Sapience. It can be reached with great labor from the Wilderness, or more easily by ship from the harbor. The Northern Sea can be viewed from the harbor and along the shore. Southwards from the shoreline is a valley of grasslands where the ruins of the Temple of the Waking Planets can be found. A short distance from the ruins is a gigantic mountain, and hidden therein the mad cultists reside, ready to attack any Somnustran intruders.


A cult of scholars once studied the sky and the planets in the Temple of Waking Planets. The scholars lost their way and murdered many of the triadic worshipers. The dead haunted their nightmares and, fearing retribution, the scholars refused to sleep; any outsiders that could sleep were called traitorous Somnustrans. Master Mascon, High Priest Henof, and the other cultists used the hidden tower that they had constructed within the mountain to continue their study of the occult and defend against any intrusion. Eventually they completely forgot the study of the planets and began experimenting upon each other. Afterwards, the only survivors were the mad cultists, who are now kept company only by the results of their occult experiments.


Flora and Fauna

Goldenseal roots grow in the grasslands in the valley. Valerian leaves can be found only at the base of the mountain.

The area is inhabited by grasslands hares, frost-mottled crabs, and flying above, osprey hawks. The native murkworms can be found deep within the mountain.