Crystal Decanter

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The Crystal Decanter was a relic crafted by the acting Gods of Good--Pentharian, Mithraea, Lorielan Miramar, and Tarah--and bestowed upon the city-state of Shallam as a gift. Containing the essence of the Gods who patroned the Church and the Jewel of the East in turn, it was a promise to those that followed the path of Light that their Patrons would be ever-present even if They were beyond mortal reach for any time period. The holy relic was first used by the Church at the turn of the 4th century to combat and contain the deadly red fog which was spreading from Mhaldor Isle.

The decanter was later placed upon an altar in the fields outside of Shallam's back gate, where it stood behind a magical barrier for 100 years. It was not until the 5th century that the decanter was stolen by undead forces sent forth by Slith, the essence contained within it distilled and tainted by Ugrach's son in his plot to control the Gods. On one occasion the Order of Justice was tricked into ritualistically using this tainted essence; an act which caused the destruction of the Temple of Justice. In the aftermath of its ruin, he combined forces of Shallam, Cyrene, and Eleusis rallied and defeated Slith. The relic was later absorbed by the weakened Miramar, the essence contained within strengthening Her enough to allow Her to break free of Slith's influence.