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One of two historically substantial chaotic beings, Entropy manifested itself in the form of Pazuzu, a demon prince. Through Pazuzu's influence, the Triumvirate sparked the War of Humanity, allowing Chaos to gain a foothold in Creation.

Entropy joined its twin, Discord, to challenge Proteus in the Chaos Wars. When Ayar, the Creator, realised that His creations were about to be destroyed, He dispersed Entropy and Discord all throughout Creation, adding chaos to it. The Plane of Chaos received the bulk of this dispersal, though chaos everywhere increased.

In 476 A.F. Babel returned amid wild fluctuations of Chaos emanating from the Living Spire. Bending these primal forces to His will, He called Entropy and Discord to Him, asserting His dominion over the powers of Chaos and calming the warping effects of their increased presence.