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Realm Sleep and Dreams
Symbols a black swan
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name Dreamers
Temples Temple of Sleep and Dreams, in the Central Vashnars

Valnurana, the Goddess of Sleep and Dreams is one of the Elder Gods created at the dawn of time. It is said that all dreams originate from Valnurana and their meaning is known only to those who seek answers within themselves. Her calm, benevolent disposition is reflected in the healing nature of sleep.


At the close of the War of Humanity, Valnurana was distraught by the deaths of the unicorns who defended the Gods upon Nishnatoba. Their souls were passed into Her care by Thoth; they now run free in the Dreamrealm as ethereal nightmares.

Quietly Valnurana tended the Dreamrealm, guiding the dreams of mortalkind with a gentle hand, until She was roused and returned to mortal perception during the Jade Icon Saga. It was at this time that the four nightmare spirits - Alp, Cur, Dibbuk, and Erinyes - broke free of their prison within the Jade Icon and wrought havoc upon the waking world. They were subsequently reformed and given purpose as heralds of the Goddess, and are now more favourably known as the angels of dreams.

Since that time, Valnurana has figured prominently in many events within the realm, including the War of the Divine Child, the birth of Selene, the darkness of the Eternal Night, and the healing and awakening of Pandemonium. She suffered the cruelty of Sartan prior to His downfall at the hands of the Divine Alliance and repelled an invasion of the Dreamrealm by the God of War, yet to this day, She watches over and protects all Gods who slumber in Her realm.

For centuries, public worship of Valnurana transpired in a temple known as the Mesmerium, located in central Sapience beside the Urubamba River. In time, however, the lasting repercussions of Aegis' attempted invasion tainted the Mesmerium, and the favour of Valnurana was withdrawn from that place. A remote temple in the Vashnars was later expanded, and now stands as the current Temple of Sleep and Dreams.

The Order of Sleep and Dreams

Informally referred to as Dreamers, mortals who comprise the Divine Order of Valnurana are gifted with the ability to directly shape the world of dreams. The organisation itself is patterned after a cult in the early history of Valnurana's worshippers, the Obeah Ecstasia.

Divine Symbols

Valnurana is symbolised by the rare black swan and is known to favour orchid flowers.