Jade Icon Saga

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The Jade Icon Saga of 271 AF revolved around the Jade Icon, appropriately enough. The Goddess Valnurana placed the four nightmare spiritsAlp, Cur, Dibbuk and Erinyes – within the Icon to protect mortals from their power. The nightmare spirits grew bored over time, and were able to escape when the Icon chipped. When they created a disturbance in the mortal plane, the Obeah Ecstasia sent its cleric Emese to remedy the situation. Eventually the Icon's missing shard was found, and the Icon was made whole once more. Three of the spirits were again sealed within, but Erinyes escaped via a diversion caused by the other spirits. Erinyes then hid from Emese, marshalling her strength until the opportune moment. Eventually acting out, she caused a wide array of disturbance within the dream realm, and possessed Ashtan's city tutor, Epicurus. Erinyes then allied with the adventurer Gelphend, who helped her destroy the prison and free her fellow spirits. Nightmares ran rampant as the spirits revelled in their freedom, but they ceased almost as quickly as they had started; their actions had roused Valnurana from Her slumber, Who swiftly regained control of Her realm. Returning to their Mother, the nightmare spirits became Her angels of dreams and have stood as Her heralds ever since.