Obeah Ecstasia

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The Obeah Ecstasia is a cult of Dreamseers whose organisational structure was the model for the modern day Order of Valnurana.

When Alp, the Nightmare Siren, was trapped by a small child within the world of dreams, the Goddess of Dreams, in the form of a black swan, persuaded the child to free the Siren. This child then became known as the first Dreamseer as well as the progenitor of the Obeah Ecstasia bloodline.

Initially, the cult consisted only of females who had inherited the original Dreamseer's talent for lucid dreaming. In later times, however, males too were allowed entry into the cult following the Dreamseer Lore. This ties the Goddess to Her favoured flowers, orchids.

It is said that during the founding of the Seleucarian Empire, Nicator, then Nikolas, had two Obeah clerics amongst his followers. Of the two, one disappeared in the Vashnar Mountains while the other remained by his side until passing away several days after the Emperor's death. When the Goddess Valnurana retreated from mortal planes after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, She entrusted the Jade Icon to their care. They too, however, soon disappeared from public eye until the time of the Jade Icon Saga.