The Vigil

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The Vigil were a motley a band of people who apparently convened to monitor the elemental planes after the death of Agatheis. In reality, they were a sleeper cell, one with an onus passed down through generations, with the secret purpose of freeing Pazuzu, the demon prince.

At the outset of the Elemental War in 757 AF the Vigil, led by Tiamenjiara, rallied adventurers to locate the elemental conduits, ostensibly in to restore the balance of the elements. Over the following months, Sapients devised a means to summon the conduits, to the glee of the mysterious group. A ceremony to restore the elements commenced, but it soon became clear that it was a cover for restoration of another kind: that of the daemonic. Now suffused with connections to the powers underlying all of creation, six members of the Vigil—Tiamenjiara, Ryina, Rhuhu, Salyn, and Joshua—ritually sacrificed themselves, directing the energy towards Kasmarkin to shatter the crystal prison of the demon prince and finally fulfilling their centuries-long objective.

Their symbol was the ivory lighthouse.