Elemental War

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In the year 757AF, visions of the carnage and violence were seen across the soul realms as different factions from the elemental planes were seen in combat. In response to the visions and in order to understand the powers of the elemental, the Leader of the Conclave, Yudhishthira decided to conduct an experiment with one of the city tanks with one of the sparks of the fire elemental Jeramun, the Flame of the World to see the effects. Yudhishthira then noticed that all sparks were connected of which the adventurers decided to feed the spark with death and destruction from the different raids on the city. In the end, citizens of Targossas were successful in detonating one of there city tanks. The following result caused the power of Jeramun to rage further causing him to melt the armour that was crafted to hinder is power, and detonate tanks all around cities to explode and destroy numerous areas. Jeramun having finally released his power erupted from his prison in the Vents of Hthrak headed down south and wrought havoc with fire and destruction in his path.

In a desperate attempt to combat the firey powers that Jeramun was unleashing, members of the The Vigil sent missives to the leaders of each city-state to help seek out the other conduits of Earth, Water, and Air to help combat the fiery elemental. The first clue they had was for the water elemental, with only the single clue hidden on the coast she will only respond with the ringing of gold. In a desperate search, the adventurers uncovered the horn of the tides in the village of Ka'doloki, blowing the horn thrice the Sorceress of the Seas arose bringing tsunamis in her path from her hiding place in the sea.

With the water and fire elemental causing havoc the search for the other two elementals intensified. Seril, a member of the Vigil, called from the frozen tundra of the north stating that he had a hunch that the earth elemental was hidden in dig site in the north. Located west of the Istar Jungle, adventurers dug deep and far down to until they uncovered Bataoac, the Northern Giant who crushed those around him with falling rocks.