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The Te'Serran Primary was a religious document central to Shallamese life for about 40 years. A post-Church writing, it was considered a sublimation of previous doctrine handed down by the Te'Serran Alliance of Shallam; a unified text to guide latter day servants of Good. Not bound between the pages of a ponderous tome like preceding doctrine, it was inscribed with divine fire upon crystalline plinths in two locations. One stood in the streets of Shallam, the other at the centre of the Citadel of Light which promulgated its simplified message. The Primary superseded the Holy Codex and Codex of Light when the Holy Church of Achaea was dissolved and the Citadel of Light arose in its place in 568 AF, but was destroyed with the fall of the Jewel of the East in 612.

From the swirling vastness of the ages, We, the Patrons of Creation itself, send Our words to the mortals of Shallam. You are Our chosen people, Our select servants, and Our will is the perfection of all that is Good for you and for all Creation. There is no Light but the Light that We show to you, there is no Good but the Good that We proclaim, and there is no Order but the Order that We speak.

Because of mortal failings, much has gone awry in the world. But We retain the hope that you, the Jewel of the East, shall redeem your fallen brethren by restoring Light, Order, and Good to their rightful place in this world. You must be a sword against the oppressor, a shield before the weak, and a shining example before all. As We lead you, so shall you lead the world.

In the fortress of Baelgrim on the mountain of Mhaldor dwell the cruel worshippers of the Twin Gods. They reject mercy, embracing cruelty to grind the weak under their heel. Though they share with Us a love for honour and order, they are a scourge upon these lands, focusing upon themselves and blighting Creation as a whole.

It is your eternal duty to oppose these monsters, lest they overrun the world. Stand strong against them and never waver or give ground, all the while ensuring that you do not become them. Do not seek personal advancement for its own sake. Do not mistreat those weaker than yourself. Never forget your ultimate purpose, lest you become the evil you must destroy.

The servants of the Elder God Twilight dwell in the shadows, and theirs is a perverse and wicked doctrine. They deny the existence of Truth and Honour. Spinning webs of lies, through careful manipulation, and by ignoring vows and sacred duty, they pursue only power for themselves and their Dark God.

Be ever vigilant against these enemies, for your battle against them will not always be with swords, fists, staves, dirks, and maces. Affirm the existence of the unchanging Light, and never hear it denied. Never lie, never break a compact, and seek the advancement of others before yourself. When you see one among you who does not behave in this way, know him for a student of Darkness and an enemy of Light.

The mad nihilists of Ashtan practice obscenities against Creation itself when they deal with the devouring court of Emperor Golgotha and subvert the natural orders of fate by karmic manipulation. Whether they seek the end of the world or simply refuse to abstain from the occult, these abominations are to be destroyed without mercy or truce.

Beware the allure of the occult, which offers power and knowledge but leads only to utter madness. Do not be deceived by kindness or honesty or good intentions in such a person; their actions imperil all that is innocent and good in the world.

For yourselves -- be ever-truthful, ever-humble, ever-kind. Be sober and controlled, giving no passage to immoderation or discord. Seek the benefit of your fellow creature before your own, and count it nobler to toil in obscurity than to languish in authority.