Reborn Sun

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The Reborn Sun is the course of events that led the Luminai Dawn to sacrifice herself in an attempt to purge the Chaos Taint from the lands and to be reborn as the Lady Sol, Mithraea.

The events began when the Lady Eris attempted to recreate a botched experiment involving the Living Spire that initially revealed the presence of Slith beneath Darkenwood. The Living Spire once again created a vortex of power, and Eris was able to stabilise the energy to prevent it from imploding again. However, She was less successful in preventing it from shattering. The Chaos released washed over the Goddess and the rest of Sapience, turning Eris to stone and inflicting random chaos over the continent.

As the influence of Chaos upon the world became stronger, events spiraled out of control. As things grew worse, two mortals, the Priestess Dawn and her guardian, Gladius, attempted to purge the Chaos from the continent using the Eye of Proteus. The light released from their efforts drove the Taint back, but faltered before success could be achieved. The two were merely mortals; their ability to control the infinite power of the relic failed and only managed to provoke the beast. The Taint that had been pushed out coalesced into a large, diseased cloud.

The Taint gathered and struck out at each of the cities, and as each was threatened, their Fonts responded in turn, summoning forth their Guardian for the first time to combat the menace. Each of the Guardians blocked the threat of the Taint, which regathered at the centre of the continent and began to evolve to overpower the newfound city defences.

As it began to look as if it would achieve its goal, Dawn had managed to reach out and summon the Phoenix, bonding with it with the last of her strength. The Phoenix rose forth and battled the Taint, driving it deep underground and removing its presence from the continent. As its last act before fading, it bathed the statue of the Goddess Eris in its purifying flames, releasing Her from Her stone prison.

As Dawn's light began to flicker and fade, spent from her ordeals, Sarapis stepped forward and rewarded the woman for her undying devotion and the momentous sacrifice she had made on behalf of the realm. As the sun broke the horizon, Dawn's mortal coil was ended, the soul of the woman rising from the ashes of her former life to become the Goddess Mithraea, Goddess of the Sun.