Living Spire

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This page is about the chaotic construct. For other uses, please see Spire (disambiguation).

The Living Spire was a direction-finding relic fashioned by Eris in 326 AF in the grasslands of the Savannah. Made from a warm, soft substance, the Spire twisted high into the air, its ivory-coloured surface radiating with an inner power and surrounded by a shimmering, rainbow aura. To one side was a round mirror surrounded by five indentations. The air around the spire crackled with energy, giving off a faint ozone scent.

The Goddess of Chaos erected the Living Spire as an aid in finding the kidnapper of Her son, Pandemonium. When the construct was completed, a surge of power travelled its length and shot into the sky, creating a vortex of energy. As Eris approached, the vortex imploded, sending forth chaotic energy. The energy settled over the Darkenwood and revealed Slith to be the one draining power from it. As a precursor to the War of the Divine Child, this revelation tied several seemingly unrelated events together into a loose framework and named the conspirators of the events.

The Living Spire was once more a catalyst five years later in 331 AF, when Eris once again attempted the initial experiment. As the bolt of power shot forth to create the vortex, Eris was this time able to stabilise and channel the power to prevent it from imploding. The victory was short-lived, as the vortex rebuffed her, turning the Goddess to stone and unleashing Chaos upon the world. Only through the Phoenix and the Reborn Sun was the Chaos Taint purged from the land.

For nearly a century and a half the power of the Living Spire slumbered, until in a great work the Occultists utilised its eldritch energies in a series of rituals that culminated in the return of Lord Babel. Cast into the void by Eris, He floated in a sea of nothing as His essence slowly dissolved. In the moment of His ultimate, eternal obliteration, He seized upon the last vestige of His presence on the Prime Material Plane: a jade token affixed by a powerful relic to the Living Spire, itself. The fabric of reality melted before this indomitable will, and with Entropy and Discord at His beck and call, was reborn within the Spire, which crumbled and vanished beneath His feet.