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Sir Gladius Dorn was a Templar and persists as the sole remaining member of the Luminai. His bloodsworn, Dawn Illoriel, was imprisoned by Countess Belladona after a failed attempt on the vampiress' life. Gladius ventured to Belladona's Keep to rescue her and was also forced into her service. It wasn't until the War of the Divine Child that Gladius and Dawn were able to escape. They came into possession of the Eye of Proteus and began the process of cleansing the Chaos Taint from the realm. When the ritual failed, Dawn's life was taken, leading Sarapis to grant her the gift of immortality as she Ascended to become Mithraea, Goddess of the Sun; Dorn obediently followed into service as the newborn Goddess' champion and defender.

Gladius's son Culo once lived in Hesperia, attending the Lady Sol.

When the city-state of Shallam was destroyed, Gladius followed the refugees to New Hope before joining them in the newly-established city-state of Targossas in 623.