Eirenwaar Island

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Eirenwaar Island
Leader Fircil, the Beduri elder
Discoverer Inuad, Asara, and Schisstae

Located off the northwestern coast of Sapience within the Teeth of Borak, Eirenwaar Island is divided into two by the presence of a gigantic glacier and home to a pair of independent tribes.

Despite its remoteness and difficult mountain terrain, the island is reachable from the mainland by ferry from Kamleikan and a natural harbour exists for ships to dock at.


The jagged peaks of a mountain range rise along the southern coast of Eirenwaar, bordering the expanse of a small boreal forest lying westward, within which can be found the only wildlife surviving in the arctic climate of the island.


Well-adapted to their frigid environment, the human inhabitants of the island are settled in two separate villages on either side of the mighty ice flow.

  • Carla, a Faringian pleasure slave
  • an elderly woodcarver
  • the Faringian elder
  • a Faringian slave
  • Farrion, the elk herder
  • Fircil, the Beduri elder
  • Limpo, the innkeeper
  • Marlena, the housewife
  • an old hag
  • Otonu, the ferryman
  • Rathen, the lonely lover

In addition, members of the Beduri tribe include children and arrogant adult villagers, while several village maidens make up part of the Faringian tribe.