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Jy'Barrak Dameron, once known as chaos prince, is a Chaos Lord who resides in the centre of the Chaos Plane. He is the product of Jy'Barrak Golgotha's union with an Inferno demon, and the only offspring that Golgotha did not kill in infancy. It is rumoured that Dameron was spared because, as a young Chaos thrall, he stabbed the emperor with his still-developing claws upon sensing the imminent danger of death. Seeing great promise in the thrall, Golgotha allowed him to live.

The evil landmark aspect known as the Fist of Sartan was originally known as the "Fist of Dameron." It changed when the Occultists lost the dark art of Necromancy and gained the mysterious skill of Occultism.

Betraying his father, Dameron arrived in Ashtan with the rest of the Chaos court before signing accord with the city-state in 691 AF. He reigns as its Overseer, the liaison of an alliance between the Bastion of the North and Imperator Glaaki of the court.