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Lilen is a jolly merchant and one of the wealthier Orillans, evidenced by her plump figure and the rings and baubles which decorate her fingers and dark, flower-studded hair. A seller of miscellaneous useful things such as vials, packs, pipes, shovels and tinderboxes, her stall can be located along the street which serves as the village trade centre.


Ribbon-adorned wicker basket - 100gp
Lined with a gentle cushioning of cotton, this wicker basket is large enough to hold a few items safe within. Coated with a clear lacquer, the wicker is woven tightly into a deep bowl. Attached to the top, a tall handle boasts several lengths of colourful ribbon that spill over the side and decorate the basket.
Bleached driftwood vial - 300gp
Smooth and lightweight, this vial has been carved from driftwood in the shape of a quail.
Pike - 250gp
Little more than a sharpened pole, this pike has only one gruesome purpose: to hold the decapitated heads of slain enemies.
Soft leather pack - 100gp
A tough animal hide has been tanned into soft leather and fashioned into a simple backpack with a roomy interior. Two adjustable straps allow the pack to be worn comfortably upon the back, and a number of pockets on the outside are designed to keep valuables secure.
Blank tarot card - 20gp
About eight inches long, four inches wide, and perhaps a couple millimetres thick, this card is blank, but has a faint aura around it, apparently used for some mystical purpose.
Bleached wooden pipe - 50gp
Long and gracefully curved downward, this polished driftwood pipe is bleached pure white from the sun. The interior of the bowl is dark in comparison, coated with dark resin to seal the porous surface of the wood.
Hefty shovel - 750gp
A hefty but otherwise nondescript shovel.
White wooden pot - 50gp
An irregularly rounded piece of driftwood has been hollowed into a pot with a large opening. Its exterior is bleached from the sun, but the inside has been lined with dark resin to seal the porous material.
Earthenware bowl - 100gp
While perhaps not the most grand or elegant of culinary objects, this bowl of sturdy brown pottery is obviously very solid and capable of many years of constant use.
Soot-blackened tinderbox - 100gp
The tinderbox consists of a dirty, soot-stained metal box containing some flint and some fine straw for lighting.