Mount Inbhir

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Mount Inbhir soars high over the range of the Saoghal Mountains overlooking the Ishana Peninsula. It provides a view for miles around of the surrounding fields and Tundra, as well as nearby Inbhir Ness. The gem- and ore-laden slopes of the mountain provide ample mining fodder for the community below, as well as a sustainable ecosystem in which brown-speckled mountain goats thrive.

On Mayan 8, 488 AF, the uppermost tip of Mount Inbhir came to life and revealed its true form: that of a long-slumbering rock giant. It lumbered down from the peak, laying waste to the surrounding valley, before it was finally felled under an onslaught of adventurers at the behest of the dwarf chief Rhorg. The giant's rocky remains still litter the surrounding slopes, its sizeable head having landed atop what is now a plateau at Mount Inbhir's pinnacle.