Saoghal Valley

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Saoghal Valley is located in the far northern regions of Sapience in the Saoghal Mountains, past the dwarven village of Inbhir Ness and on the northern edge of the Ishana Peninsula. Its distance from civilisation is so great that all direct contact with cities and friends remaining on the southern and central regions of the continent becomes cut off. Here in this isolated valley by a tranquil lake lies the Logosian Temple - the only temple of Sarapis, the Logos. Below the lake is an underwater cavern that houses the Universal Membrane, one of the mysterious wonders of the world.

Other than the white cranes who reside upon the lake, the Black Boar can also be found within this valley.

The Vertani call the Temple of the Logos the "Temple of the All," and it was here that, shortly before the Vertani War, Ralem, a Daq of House Hasii, blessed people with knowledge of his people's language.