Divine punishment

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Divine punishment may come in various forms. The punishment may target you with afflictions, change your race, change your perspective, or cause you to take damage. Some punishments result in a punishment directly related to the offense. For instance, adventurers who misuse the market channel may find themselves without the use of that channel for a period of time. More serious offenses might lead to consequences such as pacifism or shrubbing.

Punishments include but are not limited to:

Punishment Description
Cripple A sudden change in perspective.
Disease Hope that you never experience so many afflictions at once.
Disfavour There are four levels of disfavours, each level according certain disadvantages that are cumulative with nearly all previous (dis)favour effects.
Maggot A different race with a different sort of appetite.
Toad A different race. Imagine how it moves!
Zap A range of powerful acts, mostly not fatal to the recipient.
Exp loss Loss of experience.
Marketoff Loss of market privileges, temporary or permanent.
Notitling Loss of the ability to title others.
Pacifism Loss of the ability to fight.
Shrubbing Changing to a new, leafier form, temporary or permanent.
Time A place from which there is usually no exit.