Apple-green puppies

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The apple-green puppies were vibrant pups with floppy rabbit ears. These playful canines were gifted to the Sentinels Guild (now House) by Eris, Goddess of Chaos.

After being given a mote of immortality by the Demi-God Esoal, the apple green puppy of the Sentinels of Nature lived through its ordeal with a tainted earth monstrosity that attacked Eleusis. The mote brought the puppy back to life and aged it into adulthood to become a hulking moss-green hunting hound.

In 812AF the Delosian Crafter's Union issued a challenge to Sapients to find materials on a two-year world-wide scavenger hunt. Those who did so successfully at least in twenty instances were awarded apple-green puppy minipets, courtesy of the newly-returned Pandora.