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Caerid (born Glacian 3rd, 214 AF) was the thirteenth Guildmaster of the Paladins, and was notorious for replacing Pentharian with Sartan, God of Evil, as Patron of his guild in 276 AF. Quite shockingly, Sir Caerid and his wife Malia had ingratiated themselves with the Order of Evil before murdering their knightly fellows and robbing their own guild treasury. The rajamala paladin was excommunicated and eventually removed from the Paladins Guild through force of arms. Shortly thereafter the Malevolent One summoned the pair to the Shrine of Ascension and they went gladly to receive their just rewards for their loyalty. Before the eyes of the world Sir Caerid and his wife were stripped and flogged before Sartan cast their broken bodies from His service to be slain by his followers.

Today the name of Sir Caerid is synonymous with betrayal. The Caerid card of the deck of legends captures the hubristic duplicity of its namesake.