Lake Belladona

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This page is about the lake. For other uses, please see Belladona (disambiguation).

Lake Belladona, the body of water surrounding the island upon which the Keep of Belladona sits, is a foetid swamp surrounded by an army of twisted, brooding trees. In some places, the water possesses a black, glass-like sheen, while in others, the surface is completely saturated with green slime and water-soaked mould. A thick, heavy mist clings to the stagnant air of the marsh, hindering visibility and pierced only by the occasional sounds of violent splashing and otherworldly screams. Water temperatures fluctuate sharply in different parts of the lake, and what little auditory evidence there is of wildlife is quickly drowned out by the howling wind. Rotting fish carcasses and disembodied humanoid limbs foul the air with a nauseating stench that lingers on the tongue, worsening the already nigh-intolerable fumes of raw sewage that pervade the air. Inhabited solely by marsh vipers and the ghastly apparitions of Templars past, Lake Belladona can be found in the Northern Plains, hidden off of the Old Northern Road near Hashan.