Crystal Leaf Inn

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The Crystal Leaf Inn stands off the Prelatorian Highway southeast of North of New Thera and is a beloved common meeting place for Achaeans. The Logos Himself held a now-famous party there in 196 AF.

The Inn was opened in 177 AF. The two Druids responsible for its construction are both first-generation adventurers of Achaea: Buckthorn Ryndel, born Aeguary 6, 158 AF, and Portis, born Mayan 21, 157 AF.

The Crystal Leaf set the standard for inns everywhere, offering facilities such as an amphitheatre, a stable, a tavern, and rooms for rent. In 178 AF, the proprietors of the inn opened the Crystal Leaf Shoppe.

Although the inn was once frequented by such people as Cherry the tavern girl and Garian, the retired hunter of Green Lake, both denizens left following Rurin's retraction of culinary support for the establishment sometime in the middle of the 5th century.

In addition to the remaining adventurers, in current times adventurers will find an adventurer-run shop, a humgii, and a chessboard. Darmong the monk stops by on occasion.