River Mnemosyne

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The River Mnemosyne is one of the major—and the largest known—river in Meropis.


The waters of the Mnemosyne rise from a spring lake in the central Vasnari Mountains, flowing through a series of purifying weirs at the edge of the mountains, before crashing southwest into the Grukai Swamp. The river's course turns west-southwest as it pierces the central Atrousian Jungle, creeping through the ruins of Seleucar. Rounding a steep bend in Seleucar, the river continues north as it leaves the walls of the city. Here, it follows a long and winding northward progression, forking into the lesser Tyron River as it runs parallel to the Aurulent Highway. Finally breaking free of the jungle, the river flows across the Northern Scrublands before fanning into the rich Mnemosyne Delta where it feeds the sea.


As the site of the ancient city of Seleucar, the River Mnemosyne has had a long and complex history.

Amidst the journeys of Nikolas and his band, the Tsol'teth cursed the Mnemosyne with plagues—one of many hardships they heaped upon the settlers. This curse continues to the present day, and only by virtue of an ancient obsidian weir near its source, covered in amar moss, does western Meropis enjoy the benefit of clean, pure water.

In the times of the Wars of Succession, the Mnemosyne was the location of the Battle of Beggars' Arch. Mycalian forces were massacred by the amassed and waiting Catarines as they attempted to cross the river.

During the long reign of the Seleucarian Empire, the course of the Mnemosyne was much longer. It continued along a westerly path, joined in the plains of Kyndos by the tributary Urs, before emptying into the sea near the city of Leios. This course was cut short by the sundering of Meropis from Sapience, which occurred during the fall of Seleucar in 0 AF.


The waters of the River Mnemosyne are rich and teeming with life. Red-bellied piranha and freshwater alligators prey on the many fish therein, which include alurabim, roopimaya, and peacock bass, and a spectrum of poisonous frogs also dwell upon the river. The branches above the Mnemosyne bustle with aracari, macaws, and bandit sloths.