Catarin deSangre

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Catarin deSangre, later known as Catarin the Just, was the daughter of King Valerias and heir to the Seleucarian Empire approximately 400 years after the Black Wave. Her brother, Mycale, was also considered the rightful heir. At the time of their father's death, however, neither had been declared the rightful successor, leading to the bloody Wars of Succession and the involvement of Castomira Brangwin.

Catarin's personal life was kept relatively private. Two of her closest friends who figure in her later history include Riana Galford and Lady Alkiera. She was courted in her youth by Zoltan deChalce and eventually married Prince Evander Christin, but her most famous love was a man called Lucaine Pyramides.

Catarin deSangre's court Jester during her reign as Empress was Silvestri Carnivalis, but he was sucked through a timequake caused by Eris, Goddess of Chaos.

Tales about Catarin's life and times live in on the storybook of parables and fairy tales titled Stories of the Past, for Children, authored by Lina Stalfos.

The queen's restoration of the realm of Seleucar is represented in the deck of legends, in the Catarin card.