Fluvadha River

The Fluvadha River, known in antiquity as the River Urs, is one of the major rivers of Meropis. Its waters rise in the northern Vasnari Mountains, fed by the Sypathean Falls, before tumbling northwest across the Northern Scrublands and into the Notic Ocean. The Fluvadha is the site of the Temple of the River, temple of Kastalia, the former river goddess.

In times past, before the sundering of Meropis from Sapience, the River Urs was much longer. It flowed across the plains of Kyndos and fed the city of Soliath, ultimately joining the river Mnemosyne as a tributary along its route to the western seas. The river was shortened with the cataclysms surrounding the fall of Seleucar in 0 AF.

In the year 610 AF, not long after her daughter Kastalia fell to the machinations of Bal'met, the moon goddess Ourania and the dream goddess Valnurana gathered near the river's source. There, surrounded by the Fluvadha'thi — mortal followers of Kastalia — they decreed that the Urs would henceforth be known as the Fluvadha River in the fallen deity's honour.