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Antion, the Basilisk, is a member of the Sentinels of Nature and a Satyr. Somewhat short and unkempt, he can be seen carefully polishing his unused hand-axe and constantly reviewing his lessons, his brow furrowed in consternation. A newly made House cloak draped across his shoulders, Antion has eyes that are green with the fervour of living Nature, though they are also terror-stricken at times. His physical form is perpetually enveloped by the stink of decay, the result of his remaining in basilisk morph.

A member of the Sentinels of Nature since its days as a Guild, Antion partook in the follow-up expedition of Ulangi led by Oswald Snowmantle shortly after his discovery of the island. It was here that he, along with Mehrien and Onakk, was kidnapped by a triton raiding party. For countless years, the three were held captive and forced to work within the silver mines of Scyros, until Lupar of 467 AF, when for unknown reasons, they were released and left stranded upon the island of Tuar. During this time, Vixen, the House tutor, began experiencing vivid dreams of them and the island; following clues revealed in her visions, the Sentinels of Nature, in a joint effort with members of the Divine Order of Neraeos, succeeded in finding the island of Tuar and rescuing the three sentinels, bringing them back to the House estate in Eleusis.

Because of his young age (he was barely a Cub upon his capture), Antion was left particularly traumatised from his experiences, and this is reflected by the occasionally insane look in his eyes. He has an irrational fear of being whipped and a tendency to tune out conversation about his tortured past. He is also rather naive, refusing to believe, for instance, that the Sentinels have since converted into a House. On a lighter note, he apparently used to own a pet rock.