War of the Underworld

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The War of the Underworld took place in 455 AF. It began with Tithian, the Shamanic tutor of the Spirit Walkers and his brother Phineus, instructor of the Wardens of the Cerulean Spire, were found half-delirious from nightmares and talking about a mysterious traveller. Known only as "The Traveller", this mysterious man crept about the shadows with no obvious rhyme or reason.

Meanwhile, in the Underworld, legions of undead began to vanish and the Soulbleed Nexus failed to coalescence soulbleed as normal, thus weakening Ugrach, Lord of the Undead. Eventually he was left with no choice but to bind himself to the Soulbleed Nexus, leaving him weak but invincible. The essence which formerly fed the king now scattered through the Underworld in the form of blood-red rubies. King Ugrach and the Magisterion, each fueled by a different agenda, tempted adventurers with promises of great rewards in return for the rubies.

As all this took place, Apollonia sat within a hidden dungeon deep beneath Moldova Fortress. She cut the tip of her finger, dripping her blood into a pool there. As a vision of the captured unicorn appeared upon its surface, she wondered if it would ever run free again.

Back above ground the efforts to help the Magisterion ceased while adventurers continued aiding Ugrach in restoring the Soulbleed Nexus. Magister Dominar finally weakened enough that the ring of Noxtra slipped from his finger and was delivered immediately to Ugrach. The adventurers held fast to the other rings, instead seeking the counsel of Apollonia, who led them Ugrach's library to find the scroll holding the key to the unicorn's soul. She then sent adventurers on a quest to find a moonlit orchid and retrieve the handful of sparkling dust contained within it.

Apollonia scattered the dust into the pool and then submerged the ruby, resulting in the emergence of a pure white unicorn, free from its bindings. Almost immediately, both the oracle and the creature were enveloped in dreamflames, disappearing from sight.

When Ugrach realized his pet was gone, he declared that, with the Magisterion's rings gone, the repowered Soulbleed Nexus would restore itself completely in time.