Vertani fortresses

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Impenetrable and crafted by extraplanar magics, four Vertani fortresses once stood upon the lands of Sapience. Erected by Vertani mages from a foundation of mysterious golden blocks, the first of these fortresses was located in the Dardanic Grasslands and housed the Vertani's portal to Sapience from their home world. Two additional fortresses stood in the allied villages of Tasur'ke and El'Jazira, and the last was erected in the ruins of Old Thera, though it was later moved from the village to a nearby location. Four cornerstones were also placed at North of Thera, but the erectors of the monolith were slain before construction could be completed. All four of these fortresses fell in 389 AF at the hands of the Dwarves of Blackrock.

Today, a lone fortress remains upon Sapience. Erected by Daqsool and his fellow Vertani separatists some time after the war's end, it serves as the centre of government for Tir Murann.