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591 years after the Fall of the Seleucarian Empire, with the aid of Babel, God of Oblivion, a Marvinogian who had previously been rampaging throughout the city of Shallam descended upon the Erisian Pyramid and ripped the Seed of Chaos from its pinnacle, shortly after destroying the temple.

All that remains now is a small, decaying forest previously known as the Primordial Forest of Chaos whose inhabitants, the stickpeople are slowly rotting away. Also, a rift in the side of the pyramid allows entry into the interior, but all that can be found within is an impossibly large, black chasm where the cries and sobbing of fear and insanity can be barely heard.

However, the Erisian Pyramid was once a curious construct which itself migrated throughout the Mhojave Desert.

General Knowledge

Known as the Erisian Pyramid, it was the official place of worship of Eris, the Goddess of Chaos. As a creation dedicated to the Goddess of Chaos, the behaviour of the Pyramid itself was indeed chaotic. This was because it could be located at six different places in the Mhojave Desert, depending on the time. Though it was tricky to find, the Erisian Pyramid was a peculiar locale and may be of interest to those holidaymaker adventurers who were intrigued by a world of Chaos, confusion and utter randomness.

Places of Interest

The Erisian Pyramid is a step-pyramid that comprises of five main tiers before reaching the highest point of the temple, listed from nearest the bottom to the highest point. Before its destruction, tourists were cautioned, and told that they may not have been able to find their way back out of some of the tiers!

Tier of Primal Chaos

Primal Chaos

The Tier of Primal Chaos bore no secrets to its entrance - Primal Chaos. Upon entering via a platform, the average holidaymaker found that they were subjected to floating in the entity of raw Chaos. It was quite impossible to describe what points of interest there were in this zero-gravity floating trip, though people have reported reliving their best dreams and worst nightmares, and having their vision flooded with every colour in existence.

Once the entrance to the inner reaches of the Pyramid, the Corps of the Golden Apple, wherein the Seed of Chaos once lied, has dissolved back into Chaos with the exodus of Eris from existence.

Primordial Forest of Chaos

For those with a firm interest in botany, it would probably be wise to move on from floating in Primal Chaos to the Primordial Forest of Chaos. That is, if you were able it through the miasma. Today, however, the forest is now easily accessible from the first tier of the pyramid.

A forest in its own right and classed as part of the Chaos Plane, the Primordial Forest bore life to strangely coloured species of ferns, quite different to those on the Prime Material Plane. It was also the home of a tribe of stickpeople, formed from Primal Chaos and Primordial Green. However, these creatures' numbers have now dwindled, and the remaining stickpeople rot away within the decaying forest. As a precaution, do not aggravate them because the stickpeople are known to be violent when approached.

For historical trivia, it was in this Tier that the Eileithyian Tree resided for a while, although it was moved to the temple of Aegis, God of War.

Tier of Dynamic Discord

The Tier of Dynamic Discord focused upon opposites. With rooms facing each other off on the west and the east side, they were prevented by physically joining by the Hall of Discordant Opposition. There were five pairs of opposing rooms, with the final room, the Chamber of Discordant Synergy, as the only room without an opposite, bringing the Chaos together.

Tier of Confusion

Welcome Back to Confusia: The Land That Time Didn't Want To Have Anything To Do With. We knew you couldn't stay away!

Confusia, a place where streets repeated and they sold cheese by the load. And was good cheese too. With a mayor called Fred, Confusia is as its name suggests - confusing. From the Avenue of Misunderstanding to Misinterpretation Street, Addled Avenue to Rocky Road, Golden Apple Highway and Offbeat Path, Confusia was a never-ending trip that confounded. Literally a tourist trap, one was able to lose oneself and easily blend in with the locals.

The locals consisted of polka-dotted turtles, toady bellhops, Cheshire Cats that vanished with a smile, living ideograms, bright blue hares, a hairy man, various other clueless people, and the Puffboy, who had a particularly bouncy body.

If you were to look to stay in Confusia for a while, a trip to Hotel Confusia was in order. You didn't need to book a room, and there were always vacancies. Julie, the Receptionist, was be glad to greet you to what may seem like an eternity here. A couple of longstanding guests, Mr. and Mrs. Gawainson lived within the hotel. It was almost as if they've been here forever.

When it came to leaving Confusia, and a tearful goodbye, and a quick look around when you got back on to the Tier outside, and...

Welcome Back to Confusia: The Land That Time Didn't Want To Have Anything To Do With. We knew you couldn't stay away!

Confusia, a place where streets repeated and they sold cheese by the load. And it was good cheese too. With a mayor called Fred, Confusia was...

Tier of Bureaucracy

A ministerial Tier, bureaucracy was rife here. The Tier of Bureaucracy was overseen by the mighty Greyface, the various ministries, divisions and bureaus worked like clockwork, as long as all the papers were in order, signed in triplicate, sent to the correct division, sent back, sent forward again, sent to another division, signed by the leading officer, sent back again, stamped, passed back, copied to the right authorisation... if the system ever failed, then it's chaos! That's why you had to have your form sent to the correct place, lest you drown in bureaucracy.

Most of the pen-pushing office workers were busy unless you had the correct form at hand. For a break from bureaucracy, if your head was going to explode with it, there was always Todd, the janitor, for a shoulder to cry upon.

Tier of the Apocalypse

The final Tier of the Erisian Pyramid, the Tier of the Apocalypse may have seemed like a bit of an anti-climax at first glance. A series of cracked, rough marble tunnels streaked with gems paved the way to the Apocalypse Chamber. Eventually.

Compared to the glorious decor of the previous Tiers, the Apocalypse Chamber was rather drab, except for a book upon a wrought iron podium. The bookish among you might enjoy leafing through it, though the main attraction was in the centre of the Chamber, inside a wooden box which rivals all the other attractions of the Erisian Pyramid.

Since its destruction, however, the top of the pyramid has been shattered, and the Tier of Apocalypse now opens to the sky above, its walkways now easily traversed and the central chamber empty except for a large crater whose bottom has fallen away into the black abyss of the pyramid's interior.


The inhabitants of the Erisian Pyramid included but were not limited to the following:

Risk Factors

  • violent, aggressive natives
  • exposure to Chaos
  • losing oneself for all eternity
  • going mad
  • certain death in some cases

Despite all these, the Erisian Pyramid was a hot tourist spot for many Achaeans, and those who wanted to learn more, or be confounded by the world of Eris.

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