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The Greyface was both a denizen of Achaea and a part of lore in conventional chaos (do not bend).


As a denizen, The Greyface, C.E.O, oversaw the Tier of Bureaucracy in the Erisian Pyramid. Assisted by his intern, Moronica, he supervised all order-based activities within the Pyramid... or, at least, his tier.

Through the activity of completing various bureaucratic tasks, one could obtain a Certificate of Bureaucratic Achievement and the praise of The Greyface himself.

Interestingly enough, The Greyface's title stood not for Chief Executive Officer, but Chief Existential Officer.

Object of Lore

Eris, former Goddess of Chaos, pointed out Greyface as the enemy of laughter, chaos, and anything involving fun in general; essentially, he became mortal enemy to the Jesters guild during Her patronage. Deluding men into believing that all reality was naught but a straight-jacket affair, he eventually began to turn the world grey in lieu of its normal unbridled colour scheme. Eris enlisted the jesters as Her private army in this war against dullness and non-chaos. Greyface of the spiritual disturbance is named after The Greyface of the bureaucracy penchant.