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The Qui'anar were an army of Tsol'aa warriors brought to the War of Humanity by Daedalus. Tsol'aa for 'man of arms', they were mounted upon giant spiders and fiercely fought against the forces of the Triumvirate during the battle at Nishnatoba.

Upon returning home, these Tsol'aa began to disagree with others of their race in regards to how to treat other races. The Qui'anar believed the other races to be inferior and worthy only of enslavement. While it is possible the effects of battle may have hardened the Qui'anar, other factors may have been at work, though no solid evidence has been found for any current theories as to what may have caused this change.

This power-hungry group of Tsol'aa began calling themselves the Tsol'teth. They left their racial homeland and settled underground, enslaving many of the weaker goblin races and setting themselves up as fearsome overseers of the violent underground cultures of Sapience. Much later, they were to reappear in the Black Wave.

In honour of the labours of the Qui'anar upon Nishnatoba, Lord Thoth, God of Death, redubbed those of His Divine Order by the same name.