The Offensive Artefact Shop

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The Offensive Artefact Shop is located in Delos. Run by Merentesh, it sells a variety of non-class-specific artefacts which not only add to the offensive capabilities of the user but also impart an array of hunting and fast travel abilities.

Ranged and Thrown Weapons Price Details
a ranger's bow 250cr Dmg: 21 To-hit: 38 Spd: 0
a Velocity Bow 400cr Dmg: 23 To-hit: 40 Spd: 0
a Lupine bow 1000cr Dmg: 26 To-hit: 42 Spd: 0
a steel stiletto 400cr Dmg: 50 To-hit: 210 Spd: 223
an ivory stiletto 400cr Dmg: 53 To-hit: 217 Spd: 229
a Deisian stiletto 400cr Dmg: 56 To-hit: 222 Spd: 235
Damage, Balance, and Equilibrium Price Details
a Collar of Ceylon 400cr Increases offensive magic damage by small amount
a Collar of Diablerie 800cr Increases offensive magic damage by medium amount
a Collar of Agatheis 1600cr Increases offensive magic damage by large amount
an Offspring Talisman 500cr small equilibrium boost
an Aldar Talisman 1000cr modest equilibrium boost
an Aldar Diadem 1000cr modest equilibrium boost
a chronomatic anomaly 500cr extends timer on dropped bombs and holocaust globes
Special Abilities Price Details
a Scorpion's Tail 800cr Deliver loki venom
a deep red boomerang 450cr Snag adventurers from up to 10 rooms away
a clean slate 1000cr Deactivate other's racial bonuses
a whip of taming 400cr Deliver pacifism affliction
Bracers of Frost 1000cr Create icewall or freeze ground
Bracers of Flame 400cr Create firewall and firelash
a Veil of the Sphinx 2500cr Makes Vision Farsight transcontinental, transplanar
a camouflaged hunter's blind 700cr Swing up into trees, even if no trees
a knotted leather cord 250cr Permanent Dauntless membership
Hunting and Battlerage Price Details
a fire pendant 200cr tiny critical hit bonus
a blood pendant 600cr small critical hit bonus
a Stygian pendant 1200cr moderate critical hit bonus
a band of the Berserker 250cr More damage for friends' conditional battlerage attacks
vambraces of the Berserker 300cr Extend battlerage by 6 seconds
Travel Enhancements Price Details
a ring of flying 400cr Lets you fly
a pair of eagle's wings 800cr Travel to the clouds
a pair of atavian wings 2000cr Travel to high above the clouds
a wolverine's claws 500cr Lets you burrow underground
an Armband of Celerity 500cr Increased celerity
an Anklet of Dashing 500cr Conveys Subterfuge Dash ability
a Cane of the Quickening 300cr Wield to walk normally with a broken leg
a wand of portals 800cr Open a portal to another person
a spider-silk tether 500cr Conveys Subterfuge Pacing ability
a Brooch of the Tempest 150cr Prevents you from being blown about by wind when flying
chitin greaves 500cr Lets you Leap like a horkval
an earring of Sinope 800cr Travel to someone with matching earring
a macabre door knocker 1100cr Travel to underground nexus
spinning gyroscope 500cr Recover balance faster after Tracking
a vibrating stick 800cr Gives Subterfuge Warp, allowing travel through wormholes
an oscillating stick 1300cr Gives both Subterfuge Warp and Sources
a flying carpet 300cr Lets people follow you when you fly
Tank Sparks Price Details
an aqueous spark 400cr Flood a location
a cyclonic spark 500cr Ground all flyers in a location
a concussive spark 750cr Send everyone in a location flying or adjacent or prone
a effervescent spark 250cr Boil away water in a location
an effulgent spark 350cr Restore some health of everyone in a location
a psychic spark 500cr Damage the mana of everyone in a location
a blazing spark 300cr Set everyone in a location on fire
a trembling spark 200cr Prone everyone in a location
a metallic spark 400cr Damage and cause bleeding for everyone in a location
a caustic spark 1000cr Cast noxious fumes and asphyxiate everyone in a location
a galvanic spark 600cr Throw lightning at everyone in a location