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The Dauntless as their name suggests, are a group of fearless fighters who welcome any and all challenges to their combat prowess at any time of the day or night. Divorced from the Quisalis and Ivory organisations, Dauntless fight not for gold — not to avenge the weak or as champions of other organisations — instead they fight for the joy, love, glory, and rush of pitting themselves against any man (or woman) who thinks he has the mettle to prove a test.

Membership and Benefits

Adventurers of level seventy and above can join the ranks of the Dauntless by visiting with Lafrin, who is often found in the company of Ophal. Membership is purchased on a yearly basis, for twelve thousand gold per year. Ownership of a knotted leather cord waives the membership fee and the need for annual renewal. Benefits of membership include:

  • Members of The Dauntless earn twenty percent of their experience deficit back (provided they have one) per kill. This deficit bonus is not cumulative with the twenty-five percent deficit bonus enjoyed by members of the Mark.
  • Anyone is welcome to attack any member of the Dauntless at anytime, but Dauntless are entirely permitted to seek retaliation for these actions themselves.
  • Dauntless cannot hire members of the Mark to fight on their behalf at any time.
  • Like the Mark, Dauntless have the privilege of hunting down and attacking adventurers of high Infamy as they please.
  • All members of the Dauntless are alerted when someone claims a relic through killing another adventurer.