The Delosian Talisman Shop

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An oddly octagonal shop smelling of aged parchment, the Delosian Talisman Shop is a furniture-bedecked store located in Delos. Run by Merentesh, the shop sells talisman artefacts rare and in their whole form:

Artefact Pets

Name Price Details
Tough-looking hellcat ivory dice 50cr A wiry minipet hailing from the heights of the Ember Tower
Black-tailed mongoose 50cr A vicious, weasel-like creature
Polka-dotted turtle 50cr A small turtle with a striking shell, remniscent of its Erisian cousins
Downy ozhera chick 50cr A chick of the bipedal avian species of the Hthrak Vents

Historical Talismans

Name Price Details
Death's Call 1850cr A bugle which calls denizens back from death
Soulfire crucible 1000cr A horrible bowl which fires waves of aoe death-energy with every death
Candle of cessation 450cr Illuminates when a denizen last died
Lichen-mottled gravestone 900cr Lets you control where you return to after embracing
Sycophantic shoulder cape 1500cr Every kill temporarily boosts health when worn
Vulture's talon 350cr Gives caloric defence
Spiralled loop of mortal coil 250cr Lets you kill yourself
Cowled practice dummy 50cr Practice attacks on it. Sometimes it attacks back.
Assassin's training dummy 50cr Practise attacks on it.
Champion's training dummy 50cr Practise attacks on it.
Notched bone 350cr Xp bonus for slaying Ivory Mark members
Grandmaster's looking glass 200cr Shows Ivory Mark members on MARKWHO
Armed Atlantia dummy 50cr Make it talk like a ventriloquist
Suspicious-looking Derillin dummy 50cr Make it talk like a ventriloquist
Miniature tombstone 600cr Teleport to New Thera graveyard
Ivory pennon 250cr Xp bonus when bashing Quisalis denizens
Warhorn of heroes 1000cr Publicly challenge anyone to a duel
Coiled black steel armband 500cr Quisalis-themed deathsight
Champion's medallion 350cr Xp bonus for slaying Quisalis Mark members
Callibian medallion 250cr Xp bonus when bashing Ivory Mark denizens
Death keeper's mask 1000cr Deathsight shows area someone died in
Sangrean spyglass 200cr Shows Quisalis Mark members on MARKWHO
Spiralled silver arrow armband 500cr Ivory-themed deathsight
Miniature ivory tower 500cr Teleport to Sangre Plains
Atlantian bowstring 1200cr Makes your bow never miss
Anima's Thirst 2500cr Removes starburst from target
Ormyrr skull helmet 100cr A helmet fashioned from the misshapen skull of an ormyrr foot soldier.
Scintillating icicle 100cr Magical ice capable of freezing the ground
Mantle of Himalia 100cr Named for Himalia, mother of ships. This makes a figurehead nondecay and resetting
Disc of mirrored obsidian 800cr Capable of capturing a moment in time and displaying it as a frozen image
Shar'ilian whisperstone 1200cr Ancient listening device. Secretly captures words spoken in a location and relays them to its owner
Clouded glass lily 300cr Dropping it gives a temporary bonus or penalty to critical hits