Health (statistic)

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This page is about the statistic. For other uses, please see health (disambiguation).

Health represents an adventurer's physical well-being. When one's health reaches zero, death results.

Health may be regained through various means, the most popular methods being the elixir of health and the boar tattoo. Other ways include a Devotion user's ability to lay healing hands upon oneself or others, as well as the limited usage of a crystal tattoo.

One may opt to purchase an artefact that gifts its wearer with varying percentages of increased health and mana, such as the Ceylonese, Mayan, or Logosian bracelets; alternatively, an increase in the conferred benefit of health elixirs can be gained by wearing a Ceylonese, Mayan, or Logosian ring. For direct health-regenerating capabilities, the ring of vitality and the band of Draconic vigour serve to bestow such a benefit in their bearers.

Other special items, such as the Protean relic the Rageblade, feeds off the wielder's emotions, growing faster in speed as its wielder's health decreases.