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One of the seven Offspring. The mother of mankind's eternal fascination with the ocean, Himalia sailed off to the west in a small boat, by herself. Searching for lands rumoured to be on the other side of the world, she did not expect to return, and for the longest time, it seemed as if she would not. Her fate once unknown and much speculated upon, she made a startling reappearance in the spring of 461 AF, when she visited Maelstrom in Port Tasur'ke to report that she found his prototype of the Thalassian seastrider seaworthy. A strikingly tall and beautiful human woman with skin as black as Abbadon and bright, golden hair, Himalia lingered but for a moment before returning to her ship and sailing away, her foreign-looking Triton entourage in tow. Their pressing questions left answered, the Achaeans who managed to catch a glimpse of this famous figure can only hope that her departure this time around will not last for nearly as long as her previous one did.